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How to Prevent Forest Fire?

Team: 96

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Environment Science

Interim: Problem Definition:

How to prevent forest fire? This is the question that we are going to answer. Forest fire is a problem that exists through the world and is caused by different reasons. According to the FAO Media Center 95 percent of wildfires originate from human activities in forests and adjacent areas. “The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), which consists of 14 international organizations and secretariats, issued its warning as many countries are experiencing an increasing incidence in the frequency and size of wildfires due to lack of fire management policies and impacts of climate change.”

After reading some materials about forest fire prevention we concluded that education is the key. We will continue researching to find more information about this topic.

"In many cases the fire starts on agricultural or pasture lands and spreads quickly on nearby forests," said Pieter van Lierop, an FAO expert on forest fire management.

Problem Solution:

Education is one of the factors that can help to prevent fires due to the fact that humans are the one that can manage the land to avoid a forest fire.

Burning agricultural waste early in the dry season before the surrounding landscape gets too dry and avoiding burning during high winds will help avoid big wildfires.


Until now we have been researching and sharing information about the consequences of having a forest fire and how we can prevent it. We are also looking for the ways that we can help to prevent forest fire.

The five of us have been working in a model using Starlogo TNG where we can show the forest with the entire ecosystem and then how the fire devastates the environment. In another section we are planning to show how we can prevent it, as well as how we can help.


Team Members:

Dariana Rosas
Areline Ramirez
Jennifer Gurrola
Anastasia Mares
Jennifer Lopez

Sponsoring Teachers: Gloria Kindig, Melanie Stout, Melody Hagaman, and Patti Bischof

Team Members:

  Arline Ramirez
  Anastasia Mares
  Dariana Rosas
  Jennifer Gurrola
  Jennifer Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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