New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Conserving Rainfall

Team: 95

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Environmental

Interim: Team number: 95
School Name: Picacho Middle School
Area of Science: Environmental
Project Title: Conserving Rainfall

Problem Definition: The state of New Mexico is in a drought. We are low on water sources in all of the state. We don’t have enough water to go around all of the state of New Mexico. This is a problem because we need water to drink, use for household uses, for crops, and for washing our cars, swimming at a pool, etc.

Problem Solution: If we save rainfall water we can use it towards our crops, actual necessities at home, to drink, and for trees. We can save rainwater by putting buckets or collection containers outside when it rains and then purifying it to drink or using it as it is. People can collect rainfall water monthly and store it so it doesn’t evaporate. They can then give it to a local farmer during a drought who needs help.

Progress to Date: So far we have created StarLogo models showing rainfall onto crops. We have also created a pre-presentation to see how everything looks and have a plan for how we are going to present our project. We researched online about 1,000 ways to conserve water in the house and outside. We also participated in a water sharing activity which gave us better perspective about how much water we use and how limited water is.

Expected Results: Our expected results will be to create a model that some people can see, agree with, and then take our advice to collect rainfall. We hope to achieve that by having a model that shows how saving rainwater actually works. If people follow this the state of New Mexico could have a better chance and hopefully not be at a shortage of water.

Team members: Arturo Dominguez, Ryan Cardona, Brandon Woodward, Tianna Ortega, Alex Barerra

Sponsoring teacher: Melody Hagaman

Team Members:

  brandon woodward
  Alex Barrera
  Ryan Cardona
  Obed Dominguez
  Tianna Ortega

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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