New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Snow variability in New Mexico Mountains and its impact on local environment

Team: 47

School: Espanola Valley High

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Interim: Problem Definition:
In this project I will be relating snow corer (per year) and how it impacts local environment in Rio Hondo and also the different Mountains around New Mexico. I will get data from various maps of snow cover and many different informational websites.

In Northern New Mexico, the Rio Hondo begins high in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains near the Taos Ski Valley and flows for approximately 20 miles (32 km.) into the Rio Grande.

Location :Taos Mountains
Elevation: 10, 840 ft. (3,304 m.)

Location : Rio Grande Gorge
Elevation : 6840 ft. (2,085 m.)
Length 20 miles (32 km.)

Up to this date I have gathered data from various graphs which show the snow (amount of) from the past few years.

I would like to be able to measure the spatial distribution of key variables that affect the water quantity in New Mexico’s mountains: snow cover, snowmelt, rainfall, soil moisture, and runoff and how it effects local environment.

Data that I've collected has been
*Importance of snow runoff
*Effects of weather on local surrounding environment

I've gotten graphs from the various websites :

Team Members:

  Lynnda Romero

Sponsoring Teacher: NA

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