New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Bionic Buddy

Team: 136

School: Zuni High

Area of Science: Medicine

Interim: Problem Definition:
Our goal in designing an artificial arm is to interact with the fingers when the brain tells it to. But the problem we are facing is how we are going to get the fingers that can interface with the central nerve system or the brain. Current limbs use muscle motion in the arm or chest to signal for movement of the prosthesis.
Our plan for working and making the artificial limb is to use LOGO to make a virtual model of an artificial limb. Then we will refine the program to find the best possible arm design (one that gives the highest range of motion for all joints of arm and hand). From what we have seen from the literature, most of these limbs have only a few motions. We plan to use the programming so we can have more motion of the limb. This could be anything from the movement of the elbow and waist ranging to the individual movement of fingers. We also want to look into how we can have the limb pick up smaller objects than a plastic ball, possibly a penny or a pin.
So far we have explored how to work LOGO software. We have experimented with the software but we have not yet fully mastered the use of the program. We will continue to work on our progress with LOGO programming.
We have also done a search of the literature and found some of the features and problems of artificial arms.
Expected Results:
Our virtual model will allow more motions for the arm than the current prostheses allow. It will also incorporate a solar-powered battery, so it does not depend on home electricity. Our goal is a final design that could be used to manufacture a real limb.
This could change the lives of people that have lost an arm. This artificial limb would be able to let them do what they could do before they lost their arm. Moving of the fingers would be great help to them with work, chores, child care, and other activities they couldn’t do with just one hand. This technology would be an easier way to get through life for veterans and other people that lost an arm or people with a birth defect that grow up without a limb. This technology can better the lives of people who find it hard to go through life with one limb gone.

Team Members:

  Cory Hustito
  Cory Natachu
  Danielle Dosedo
  Michael Seowtewa

Sponsoring Teacher: Kathleen Trujillo

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