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New Mexico Tree Killer

Team: 1004

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Forestry

Interim: NM’s Tree killer the Bark Beetle

Question: How much rain does it take to stop the devastation from the bark beetles?
Problem Definition:
The bark beetle has been known the kill trees. The bark beetle makes more damage every year because the rain fall has not been coming lately. This makes bigger and longer drought also making the trees weaker and weaker.
Problem Solution Approach:: Manipulate the moisture to determine the variance that cause the Bark Beetle to move from decomposing trees to live trees. We are not able to manipulate the moisture in real life so we have changed.
Progress to date:Changes : We have found that the bark beetle has two enemies. One the woodpecker and another is a special chemical. We have decide to introduce the woodpecker into the infested forest to solve the problem.
Model: We created trees and spaced them about 13 feet apart as per density of a mature forest. We then created bark-beetles and the woodpecker. The woodpecker flies up and down in a random pattern. We need to start the process of the kill and die to see how long it will take to eradicate all of the bark beetles. The problem will be the over population of woodpeckers.
Expected Results:
The amount of woodpeckers that need to be introduced in to the forest to eradicate the barkbeetles and then see what type of problems arise because of the added amount of woodpeckers that were introduces.

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Teem members:
Erik Medrano
Eva Carabotta
Jessica Tonks
Albert Ponce

Facilitators: Patricia Bischof, Melanie Stout, Melody Hagaman, Gloria Kindig.


Team Members:

  Erik Medrano
  Eva Carabotta
  Jessica Tonks
  alberto ponce

Sponsoring Teacher: Patricia Bischof

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