New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Neighborhood Clean Up

Team: 96

School: Mountain View Elementary

Area of Science: Social Media

Interim: Problem Definition:
The problem that we would like to work on is that there is too much trash around the neighborhood and school, which is located in Cordova, New Mexico on State Road 76. This problem is important because trash thrown out can kill a lot of animals. The litter problem makes our community dirty and it looks ugly. We are concerned and this topic is very important because we care about the animals and the environment and the people that live in the community. We want people to be aware of that if they throw one piece of trash it makes a big difference long term.

Problem Solution:
We believe if people can see the long term effects of the problem, which we plan to model in StarLogo it may change attitudes about littering. We believe that with awareness and helping to talk to those around us about littering we can help reduce the trash in our community. We are also aware that the county provides trash pickup sometimes, which helps the accumulation. We also hope that once people are aware of the danger to animals and the harm trash introduces it will help to change attitudes.

Progress to Date:
To date we have gathered data about averages of how much trash the country picks up around a 2 mile stretch of NM76. We will use that average along with averages for the total amounts of trash that a 13 gallon bag can hold to formulate a model that will show how much trash is actually accumulated on the road with a few months time. We are working on designing flyers and hand outs that we will send out to the community electronically to promote litter prevention.

Expected Results:
We expect our model to show that the littering problem in our community is worse then we can imagine. We hope that with this data we can use it to promote awareness and help people in our community stop littering. We hope that we can make a difference to limit the trash thrown out improperly.

Team Members: Anastasia Martha Serna, Araya Blue Cordova Vigil, Justin Dennis Sanchez, Sean Timothy Lucas Montoya, Autumn Martinez

Sponsoring Teacher: Janet Malcom

Project Mentors: Jenelle Montoya, Andrew Montoya, Sam Sanchez

Team Members:

  arayablue cordovavigil
  sean montoya
  annie serna
  autumn martinez
  justin sanchez

Sponsoring Teacher: Jenelle Montoya

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