New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Redesigning our Parking Lot and Gym

Team: 95

School: Mountain View Elementary

Area of Science: Civil Engineering

Interim: Problem Definition:
The problem that we will be working on is our gym and parking lot are not acceptable to house events, when events are held at our school the parking lot and gym size are to small. During peak times parking lot is overflowing causing cars to be blocked in and trapped. In addition it causes a danger for pedestrians trying to walk through the lot due to the vehicles parked everywhere. Once parked the problems continue upon arrival into the gymnasium, the gym bleacher structure cannot hold the people that come to basketball games and other events at the school. Space at events is standing room only.

This problem is important to us because when there are events there is no room for cars to safely park and standing room only for the people attending the event.

Problem Solution:
We plan to measure our existing gym and parking lot to determine a better layout for the space. We will use average basketball game attendance as means of having an average number of people attending big events at our school. Using research average parking lot and bleacher sizes then come up with a model to optimize our parking lot and gym.

Progress to Date:
To date we have gathered attendance data from the basketball games housed at Mountain View Elementary. We have determined that there are only 11 usable parking spaces in our parking lot as is. The 11 spaces are marked in white paint. Although there is a small dirt lot behind our school, it is not well lit and causes other problems when that space is used. Using that data we have calculated averages for the people attending and an average for the amount of people per vehicle. Using those averages we will utilize Star Logo to optimize the existing space and try to show how to improve our current situation. We also are investigating the possibility of utilizing social media to promote school events with the hope that people would car pool, which could ease parking issues.

Expected Results:
We expect our results to show the parking lot repainting and rearranging the existing space could use space better. We also expect to find that once the parking lot is rearranged it will make it safer for people walking through the space, and it be less likely for people to be blocked in or trapped by other vehicles. We believe by moving the bleachers around, or adding more it will allow for everyone in attendance to be seated.

Team Members: Layla Manznares, Alexis Quintana, Angel Martinez, Joshua Romero

Sponsoring Teacher: Janet Malcom

Project Mentors: Jenelle Montoya, Andrew Montoya, Sam Sanchez

Team Members:

  joshua romero
  layla manzanares
  alexis quintana
  angel martinez

Sponsoring Teacher: Jenelle Montoya

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