New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

SPOF interm

Team: 85

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: marine biology and engineering


Hello it is Gabriel and Dante we're team 85 our progress is doing great we all ready got a quarter of our program done it has a few glitches here and there but there a lot of drama but we get thing done. We're using shark agents as our oil eating shark and we're using circles as our oil we're also making it to were oil makes a thin layer of oil so that way it won't get glitched a lot my programer Dante is a very hard worker he gets distracted but he gets things done i help him here and there but he get's it. Me Gabriel is the researcher typist and power point builder our group is good and we like it that way its the best way for it to be.

EXPECTED results

we're expecting of our program to be OK before the expo.we're going to test it plenty of times so that way we can make sure that it won't glitch or stop at the wrong time and we will be expecting a lot of sponsors so that way it will be easy on us and it will take less stress off us.


Team Members:

  Gabriel Alvarez
  Dante Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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