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SPOES interm

Team: 85

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: marine biology and engineering

Interim: Cleaning the Ocean to get the oil out Gabriel Alvarez
Dante Lopez
Ms. T Mikesell
The Problem – Because of our use of fossil fuels, mostly oil, much damage can be caused to the marine ecosystem. we want to know which depth is most effective in cleaning oil spills.
We are creating a model called SPOES (solar powered oil eating shark we choose the shark design because it’s a less likely chance it will cause attention to its self and kill something if it gets eaten so if it senses a animal coming after it will quickly release a jet of water so it can get a away faster and get back to eating oil.
For our program we are going to be using shark agents for SPOES, for our oil agents its black spheres and for our water we are going to use blue spheres.
Recourses, This website provided lots of detail on how much it can kill animals and people but that tells us it spreads far throw out the ocean and how fast we need to get this done but it does not tell us how fast is spreads., This website provides how fast the oil can spill it moves rapidly if it’s a small amount of oil and it will sink at the amount gravity the area has and the more oil the more slower it will be and it will be a faster clean up but the smaller spill the faster SPOES will have to go., the information on this website provided of how much oil there can be lost in one refinery, up to 240 to 336 million gallons., this website provided lots of oil spills and deep water spills that give us an idea on how deep we need it to go., this search has given a location that had the biggest oil spill in Gulf of Mexico and says that the oil can turn in to balls of crude oil

EXPECTED results
We’re expecting our program to be ready by April and we will run the program every Thursday we meet and if the program doesn’t feel right then we will make a few adjustments to it. Our program to will be a complete success
Thank you
Sincerely,Gabriel and Dante

Team Members:

  Gabriel Alvarez
  Dante Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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