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Team: 84

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Interim: Team Number: 084
School Name: Mesa Middle School
Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences
Project Title: Lock downs
Throughout are lives we will spend most of our life in school. In Las Cruces a student will spend an average of 35 hours in school per week. Students should be able to feel safe in school. Our project focuses on how to improve our lock down procedure. Our current procedure at school is to enter the nearest classroom once the lock down announcement is heard.

We would like to run a simulation where we have agents try to get into a safe classroom, located in the buildings, within a specific amount of time. However, if they can’t reach a classroom, they will be able to find a safe place to hide. Running different simulations will help figure out how many safe areas out in the court yard and school perimeter are needed to get the most students out of danger.
Our project will have a simulation on Star Logo Nova. We are working on a simple layout of our school and our courtyard for now. We have agents in the courtyard and “inside” the buildings, once we start the lock down procedure we are trying to have the agents reach inside the buildings in a certain amount of time before the entrances are “locked”. When time runs out the agents won’t be able to go inside the building. We will run different simulations to figure out how many safe places are needed in the courtyard and perimeter. While the agents are trying to get in the buildings we will also have a code running to direct agents to an alternate safe zone if they are too far away from an entrance and the time span is almost up.
Progress to date:
For the past few weeks we have been having trouble programing the terrain, we contacted one of our mentors for Star Logo, Susan Gibbs, who helped us go a different direction with our program. Also, since Star Logo Nova is a new format and we experienced some glitches, it is taking awhile for us to catch up. For our research we have been in contact with the Chief of Police Department, Jaime Montoya, to answer questions about lock downs and safety. The Chief Montoya referred is to to look at the casualties in the U.S. from 2000 to 2010. For our model we have been using Google Earth to help us see the layout of our school and to locate the safe zones for the students locked out of the buildings.. Our Principal Gabe Jacquez has also been answering our questions on how the school first thought of the lock down procedure.
Expected Results:
After we fully complete our research and finish our program we will start running our simulations. Hopefully we can use our results to help our school have more efficient lock downs. We hope to see that most of our agents will make inside a safe zone in or outside the buildings before some sort of danger happens. Once we finish this simple layout of our schools and start getting results we hope we can modify the program to get a more accurate layout of our campus. This way we can help our school be safer. Of course in a real life problem we will never know all the variables, but we do trust that the students will make the right choices and choose the best place to hide

Team Members: Jada Martinez, Selena Ibarra
Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell
References: , Google
Security Tommy Trujillo
Officer Eric Sanchez,
Principal Gabe Jacquez
Mentors: Susan Gibbs
Chief Jaime Montoya

Team Members:

  jada martinez
  Selena Ibarra

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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