New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Alternative Energy From Food

Team: 8

School: Aldo Leopold High

Area of Science: Chemistry

Interim: Super Computer Challenge Interim Report
We are going to get different fruits and then squeeze the juice out into a voltaic cell. Then put on the metal electrode so the juice touches the electrodes. Then hook up the pH meter and see what the pH levels of the foods juice. Then we are going to find the voltage and current of the foods juice the kit we are using is a voltaic cell kit.
An idea we abandoned was we were going to get a whole fruit (an orange) and put pennies in it and hook the pennies up with alligator clips and the hook them up to an unrolled paperclip and get more clips and hook those up to the pH meter to measure the pH levels of the orange
Some of the progress we’ve made up to today is one we have changed our idea from the first idea to the second idea and we have found some articles that will help us with our project and pictures the will help us if we write an essays or projects that need such things.

Team Members:

  Haley Lambert
  Kennedi Pyper
  bailey young
  Atticus Andrews

Sponsoring Teacher: Laura Larisch

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