New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Arrow Aerodynamics

Team: 79

School: Melrose Mid

Area of Science: Physics

Interim: Team number: 79
School name: Melrose Middle School
Area of Science: Physics
Project title: Arrow Aerodynamics
Problem Definition:
Our project is studying the aerodynamics of an arrow after being fired from a bow. We are wanting to find a way to help hunters with choosing the right arrows and arrow tips. We are also working to find out the different weights of the arrows and arrow tips so that hunters may see how far the arrow would travel.
We are interested in this because we are all in a type of shooting competition. We want to help hunters and other people in shooting competitions.
Plan Solving:
We are making a computer program in NetLogo to simulate shooting a bow while using gravitational pull that affects the arrow when being fired from a bow. Our variables are the length of the arrow, the weights pulled back, and the weight of the arrow and the arrow tip. As we change the patterns we will see the different affects. We will continue doing research over this project and get help from local experts.
Progress To Date:
The members of our group have shot many different types of arrows and have gotten data by shooting at different 3D targets. We have used different draw lengths and weights over the years we that we have been shooting in these shooting competitions.
Our code to date includes the making of the bow, the formation of arrows that fly across the screen, and targets that the arrows will hit.
Our next steps will to be fix the way the arrow flies after we do more research on the aerodynamics of their flights.

Team Members: James Hutson, Nathanial Flores, Cooper Roberts, Teigan Delk, Aiden Brows

Team Members:

  james hutson
  nathaniel flores
  aidan brown
  Teigan Delk
  cooper roberts

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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