New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Social Media and Cyber Bullying

Team: 66

School: Los Lunas High

Area of Science: Psychology

Interim: Social Media & Cyber Bullying:

Definition of the problem:
For our project, we are going to create a simulation that displays how many people are cyberbullied on any average day in America, and also which social networking site has the largest amount of cyberbullying.

Plan for solving the problem:
When we are finished creating the simulation, we will most likely have a wider range of ideas for prevention of cyber bullying. But, as for now, we only have the basic prevention tips: that people can use if they are being cyberbullied.

So far, we currently have our surveys setup with 1 question which is “Have you ever been cyberbullied? If so, which of the fallowing cyber bullying social networking site(s) have you been cyberbullied on?” The 5 survey option are:
1.) No
2.) Facebook
3.) Twitter
4.) Instagram
5.) Other
These surveys are currently being filled by 100 students from grades 9-12 that attend our high school. After all of the surveys are filled we will be using Net Logo to create our simulation.


Expected results:
We expect that Facebook and twitter will be the social networks with the most cases of cyber bullying.

We used each of the sites to
• research our problem
• researching bullying prevention techniques/ideas
• cyber bullying statistics
• cyberbullying facts
Group members:
ElizaBeth Raaff
Jacob Valencia
Santana Baca
Sierra Gabaldon

Team Members:

  Santana Baca
  Elizabeth Raaff
  Leroy Valencia
  Sierra Gabaldon

Sponsoring Teacher: Anne Loveless

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