New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Simulation: Ebloa Outbreak in a Small Town

Team: 62

School: Los Alamos Mid

Area of Science: Epidemics

Interim: Problem Definition:
Ebola is an extremely deadly virus that has had several minor outbreaks in recent history. In the year 2014, a dangerously large outbreak caught the world's attention. The outbreak is the cause of many people living in countries near Liberia, and far away from Liberia to donate to the cause for fighting the disease, or hiding away and avoiding the disease. Since most of the people living in the world today are in no extreme danger of catching the disease, many people are not aware of it's deadly capabilities.

The goal of this project is to create a simulation of an Ebola outbreak in a small town using NetLogo and show how this virus can affect any small town in undeveloped countries. The simulation will include many real-life obstacles for the virus, such as hospitals, quarantined areas, medicine, and more.

Problem Solution:
For the NetLogo simulation, there will be key factors that play an important role in a real outbreak, such as hospitals, quarantine areas, and medicine. The goal is to make the simulation as realistic as possible using NetLogo, not making anything too unrealistic.

Progress to Date:
So far, we have simulated the project multiple times, but we are not done programming it. We have factors such as hospitals working already, but more work is yet to be done. We usually run the simulation with about 200 people and 1-5 infected people. So far, results show that even with this extremely simple project (so far) we have managed to kill off the entire town, kill the virus early on, and kill half the town.

Team Members:

  Connor Rittner
  Nicholas Berndt
  Dennis Drew

Sponsoring Teacher: Ellie Simons

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