New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The Destruction of Antimatter In The Creation of The Universe

Team: 6

School: Aldo Leopold High

Area of Science: Physics

Interim: Problem Definition
The Universe is vast wonderful place where the realm of reality exist and where we live. Our Universe holds many mysteries about how the Universe works and how it was created. One mystery that stands out is anti-matter. What happen to anti-matter? In the beginning there was an even amount of matter and anti-matter but during creation of the Universe anti-matter vanished out of the visible Universe. One possible theory is that anti quarks made more particles that are not protons and neutrons and the quarks made more protons and neutrons which resulted in more matter than anti-matter.
Problem Solution
Our team will model a sample universe from its beginning. Our tests will consist of many alternatives such as particles, photons, and forces which made the big-bang possible. These alternatives it will affect the particles interactions with each other. With all the alternatives we hope to get accurate test and find out a conclusion of why we don’t have anti-matter in our visible Universe.
Progress to Date
we have created random universe with “Netlogo” which consist of quarks that randomly move and merge together that create some of the Mesons and Baryons. We have got some information with the test but we will need to add more Mesons and Baryons. Our result so far have consisted of quarks making more protons then other particles. eventually we need to model more Mesons and Baryons alternatives which will change the outcome of our test. Eventually we should have conducted an accurate universe and with that we can run different test with the universe and find a close enough model of what happen to the anti-matter.
Expected Results
We hope to get results that consist of anti-matter vanishing in our model the outcome should consist of quarks creating and building the particles which leads up to us simplifying different reactions and maybe adding particles that are just theories why anti-matter repelled or vanished from the explosion. With this information it could generate new theories of why we’re missing anti-matter in Universe. With this info it also could be answers for other mysteries of the Universe and which would change the view of the Universe.
Team Members
Zachary Donnelly
Aidan Link
Kalab Lambert


Team Members:

  zachary donnelly
  aidan link
  Kalab Lambert

Sponsoring Teacher: Gerald Joy

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