New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The Next Step in the Printing Evolution

Team: 49

School: Los Alamos High

Area of Science: Computer Science

Interim: Problem Definition
3-D Printing has been a relatively new frontier in modern technology. It has been one of the faces for modern innovation, and is breaking down barriers that affect every human being. It has been the medium in which art, technology, and utility has been expressed through.

The goal of this project is to help progress this technology by breaking the space barrier 3-D printers currently have. The space in which the extruder can travel is severely limited by the size of the build plate and material constraints. To eliminate this problem, a combination of 3-D Printers and aerial craft will be used.

Plan to Solve Problem
The printing must be taken care of in the three-dimensional world, with no constraints on space. Aerial craft is the exclusive choice to this problem, specifically quadcopters. The major piece of a 3D printer is the extruder, which melts the plastic and pushes it out in the form of a thin plastic line. By utilizing this part of the printer, and attaching it to an aerial vehicle, the space constraints in 3D printing would be gone.

So far, we have researched all three sides of the problem, these sides being flight, extrusion, and programming. We have obtained all of the necessary parts to construct a quadcopter and we have begun this construction. We have also chosen and acquired an extruder, it's control board and plastic filament. The quadcopter frame has been built, the motors have been attached, and the rest of the parts are in the process of being added.

Expected Results
We expect to complete a working prototype of the printer and use it to print simple objects. We will do this by finishing assembly of the quadcopter and achieving stable and precise flight with it. We will add the extruder and extruder controller to the quadcopter, then program the extruder and the quadcopter to work together in the printing of an object. Sample objects will be created for the device to print, and we will analyze the results in comparison to the model in order to see how successful or unsuccessful the device was in printing.


Team Members:

  Seung Heon Kim
  Connor Bailey
  Hayden Walker

Sponsoring Teacher: Adam Drew

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