New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Sleep Apnea Awareness Program

Team: 42

School: Las Cruces YWiC

Area of Science: Medicine and Health

Interim: Team Member: 42

School Name: Las Cruces YWIC and Red Mountain

Area of Science: Medicine and Health
Project Title: Sleep Apnea Awareness Program

Problem Definition:
In this project, we are going to study an under-diagnosed disease called Sleep Apnea. It is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Sleep apnea occurs when the airways break down affecting the oxygen level from reaching bloodstream. Basically, when the breathing is obstructed, people tend to snore, wake up many times, have a hard time grasping for air, and feel exhausted when they wake up. If the oxygen level drops major issues can happen, such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and sometimes even death.

The goal for this project is to create a low cost device that would detect low oxygen level and to create an App that would raise awareness of Sleep Apnea.

Problem Solution/s:
The first important solution is to try and find whether a person has sleep apnea. Signs that one should look for are: fatigue, weakness, snoring, depression, obesity, dry mouth, drooling, choking, restlessness, smoking, insomnia, etc. Then we should look for the oxygen level and try to monitor it while a person is asleep. From there, they should go to a sleep clinic to determine the severity and the steps that should be considered such as surgery or a simple night device.

The 1st solution for this project is to make a low cost device that would read data, such as, heart rate and oxygen level to determine if the person has Sleep Apnea. This device will be connected to a computer program in order to analyze and read the given data. The available devices for Sleep Apnea can cost from $50,000 - $100 depending on the accuracy and complexity of the device. The 2nd solution for this project is to create an App that interacts with the patients. This App consists of Quiz type questions, Such as; “do you snore,? “how often do you wake up at night?,” etc.. By doing this App, we will be able to raise awareness and introduce this important untreated illness to people from different ages.

Progress To Date:
We started our project with intense research in order to understand sleep apnea in depth. We are in the progress of continuing our research on the web, magazines, as well as Doctor’s offices. We are working on finding statistics from sleep apnea clinics to prove our hypothesis. We are in the process of testing the connection between low oxygen level and Sleep Apnea. We also looked at the expensive clinic devices that monitor the oxygen level. We are in the process of coming up with a low cost simple device that is connected to a smart phone or tablet. In addition, we are learning and researching the mobile computational programming languages. We are also in process of making a fun app that would explain and test the signs of Sleep Apnea to people from all ages.

The device that we are working on will be connected to a computer to record the reading. We will compare the accuracy of our oxygen-monitoring device with a more expensive professional hospital device. We are also building a simulation to show the result of our interview process with the people. This will show us how many are already aware of Slepp Apnea and its critical impact on the human health in general.

Expected Results:
We are expecting to find massive numbers of people with under-diagnosed Sleep Apnea. We will find the link between low oxygen level, Sleep Apnea and major health problems. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep. Sometimes, it can be as much as hundreds of times. Therefore, we will find ways to make people aware of this important under diagnosed disease. By using the smart devices we will spread the word and make people realize that most of their health problems could be related to Sleep Apnea. The solution could be surgery or a simple night gadget that would help people sleep better to resolve this great issue.


Team Members:
Sammy Homsi
Mustafa Muhyi

Sponsoring Teacher:
Rebecca Galves

Team Members:

  Sammy Homsi
  Mustafa Muhyi

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Galves

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