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Prenatal Peanut Allergies

Team: 41

School: Las Cruces YWiC

Area of Science: Medicine and Health

Interim: Team: 41
School: Las Cruces YWiC
Area of Science: Medicine and Health
Participants: Ophelia Owens and Vivian Allen
Project title: Prenatal Peanut Allergies

Problem Definition:
Peanut allergies, although they may seem small, are very important to learn about if a member of your family has one. We have researched peanut allergies in children and adults over the past few weeks and learned that peanut allergies can develop in the womb if a mother eats peanuts while she is pregnant. This is not the only way they can form, but could be the reason a person has a peanut allergy. About 20 percent of individuals with a peanut allergy eventually outgrow it meaning 80% do not.

Problem solution:
Peanut allergies can be life threatening because they can trigger anaphylactic shock which could cause death.Anaphylactic shock closes the throat and restricts breathing if medication isn’t immediately administered The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pregnant women should avoid peanuts while pregnant because it could lower the chance of the child getting the allergy. You can possibly avoid passing on a peanut allergy by avoiding peanuts in general.

Progress to date:
Up to this point we have been looking at StarLogo TNG and learning how to use StarLogo with the tutorials on the website. We have also been thinking about how we are going to show our visual model using StarLogo TNG. in StarLogo we will try to show the difference between pregnant mothers who eat a lot of peanuts and pregnant mothers who don’t.

Expected Results:
We expect that a mother who eats a lot of peanuts while pregnant will have a child with a peanut allergy. We think this because our research has shown that mothers who eat more peanuts while pregnant have a higher chance of offspring with a peanut allergy than those who don’t.We think mothers will get a lot of information out of our program considering peanut allergies are very common in children. Mothers who worry about their child having a peanut allergy could take the information we have entered in our program and apply it to their lives. Not only is our project informative it is also very helpful.

Team Members: Vivian Allen, Ophelia Owens

Sponsoring Teacher: Samantha McGuinn


Team Members:

  ophelia owens
  Vivian Allen

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Galves

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