New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The Perfect Disease

Team: 37

School: Las Cruces High

Area of Science: Epidemiology

Interim: Our problem is about epidemiology. We are planning to make a mode about the perfect disease. This model will experiment will be customizable with all different kinds of diseases. We have made the disease and it infects people. When the people go into the hospital (or blue squares on the ground) and they are sick they will be cured. We are starting to put in immune people and make it so that if they go into a hospital while healthy they become immune, but it’s not exactly working because as soon as the turn healthy, they also become immune. We are going to switch it so that instead of being true/false for sick or not we are going to set them to breeds.

We expect that the user will be able to change many variables in our program, such as infectivity rate, mutation rate, mortality rate, if healthy people stay away from sick people, et cetera. The disease will be able to mutate on its own and every now and then, a sick person will leave a patch or the virus down and someone will be able to walk over or touch it and the become sick (if healthy).

Students Jonathan Baca & Selema Graham

Team Members:

  jonathan baca
  Selema Graham

Sponsoring Teacher: Elisa Cundiff

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