New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Immigration's Effects on Communities in Southern New Mexico

Team: 16

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Sociology

Interim: Interim Report
Team 16
Elisabeth, Lesli, Cameron
Centennial High School

Immigration's Effects on Communities in Southern New Mexico

Immigrants into America are hard to track and require services like social care and foster families for the kids that stay in America away from their parents. So our project plans to help those in need of these specified services as well as give proper care and improve the livelihood of these individuals. Many of these immigrants are children, and many of them don’t receive a quality education, especially in their natural language. In addition to finding a way to enhance state funded programs to care for many of the immigrants, in conclusion, the problem we hope to solve is to be able to gather an accurate visual model of the state resources and applicability of our area to the people who need our nation’s help.
We plan on using Net-logo to model a situation where a large mass of immigrants come in that need social care, and what different results occur when they don’t receive it. Our initial layout includes energy levels that will represent the services provided to immigrants based on statistics and viable data that we have gather from sources like the national data-bank. Our model will be agent-based, so in order to program an accurate model, we will have large amounts of turtles draining the pre-set resources of social services, and each of these variables will be adjusted as to be easily altered as funding and availability of such resources is released.
We've started basic coding, and we've done a reasonable amount of research on the current status of laws concerning immigration, including Obama’s recent ruling on immigration, and what rights immigrants have coming into the country. We've also looked at similar models that could help supplement our code. This means that we have viable data to authorize our results. The layout we have is straight forward, and as long as we continue working over Christmas break, we will be on schedule for evaluations on February 7th
We hope to receive data that is reflective of actual tests done with immigrants, and to possibly identify trouble areas without spending massive amounts of resources on those tests. We will be comparing our test results among many state conducted tests and to improving our code as new versions of these tests are made available. We will come up with a very basic form of these tests while still being able to come up with accurate data.

A Computational Model of Immigration and Diversity -- Bruce Edmonds

Team Members:

  Jazmin Collins
  Lesli Atchison
  Elisabeth Partin
  Cameron Jones

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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