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Awareness under General Anesthesia

Team: 133

School: South Valley Prep

Area of Science: Medical science

Interim: School Name: South Valley Prep.
Area of Science: Medical Science
Project name: Awareness under General Anesthesia

Problem Definition-
Over 2 people out of 1,000 will be concious while be operated under anesthesia. These unfortunate victims have either felt pain or heard the doctor speaking through the surgery. though these people couldn't speak or move a muscle because of the muscle relaxants they're under.

Due to awareness of anesthesia over 1 out of 10,000 people have been announced deceased due to Anesthesia and this might not sound like alot but if you calculate all the people in the world which is roughly 7.125 billion people and you calculate how many people go through this it is approximately 712,526 people who die due to anesthesia awareness.

The goal of this project is to create an apparatus to go on someones head and read their brain waves to tell if they are concious while under anesthesia. This machine will be placed on the patients head and if someone is concious their brain waves will be read and will alert the anesthesiologist by flashing a red light and there will be speakers on the machine to sound off to warn the anesthesiologist

This project will be Tested by the machine being placed on the testers head and that person will make themself think of being under distress and if the alarm goes off and the lights start flashing then the project works.

Current Progress-
Currently I finished my research and I am working on my procedure paper. Though, I have gotten the materials needed and I am about to start on building the mehanism and I want to finish the main part before December 21 and I want to make sure that the lights are noticable but that is after I finish the main part.

Expected results-
This project is expected to read someones brain waves and to tell if they're under distressed or concious or feeling pain while under Anesthesia. I predict that this project will work and will help people with this unlucky cause and that it will read someones concious brain waves and help thousands.

Citations used-
1. (death rate due to anesthesia)
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Team member(s): Richard Maestas
sponsoring teacher: Creighton Edington

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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