New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

How is technology affecting the way students learn Math?

Team: 112

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: technology

Interim: How is technology affecting the way students learn
Technology is starting to affect the way students are learning in the classroom,for example instead of writing notes teachers can just make copies and hand them out to you.The problem is that when you take notes you read them at the same time so you know what's going on,when they give you a copy of something you don't read it you just glue it in or save it and put it away.
In math, technology is helping the way students are learning.We researched and asked the math teachers what they think, 75% of math teachers think it is,and 25% think it is not. With this conclusion, we think that technology is affecting the classroom.I think that we are more than half way done because we have already research enough.
We plan to solve the problem by showing teachers that we can write notes. Or we can just leave technology and let it help the classroom. The results we expect to get is that its not really affecting students because we rarely use the computers.The references that we used were google, and our real life teachers. We are going to use Star Logo to represent how technology is affecting in the math classrooms.

By. Angie Herrerea, Cellest Sedillo, and Jessie Hursey.
Mentors. Mrs.Kindig, and Mrs.Stout.

Team Members:

  Jesse Hursey
  Angie Herrera
  cellest sedillo
  audrey borde

Sponsoring Teacher: Gloria Kindig

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