New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

What Can Make a City's Population Grow or Decrease?

Team: 109

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Psychology

Interim: Definition: What can make a city’s population increase or decrease? Our objective is to use different variables to see how they will effect a city’s population. Our 3 variables are: education, money and size. We will experiment with these variables independently first, but gradually we will mix more in to see which combination has a greater effect. Our goal in this project is to see if this can apply it to real world situations and see if it has the same effect.

The Plan: We plan to make a virtual city that has people in it and apply the variables to the city. Thus, if there is more money to the city, people will be more eager to live in the city. If there is more education, students will have the ability to accumulate more money for the city which also helps the population. Lastly, there is size; size has an impact on the population by simply adding more space for population. More space means more buildings such as schools and colleges.

Progress: We have made a tremendous amount of progress since the field trip in Socorro. After we came back, we had to refresh our brains after learning about so much code. We have made simple models, but as the days and weeks grow, we learn more and more and get even better ideas. During the field trip we heard many people were doing a project along the lines of Ebola so we decided to switch. We wanted to be original, so now we are seeing what can make a city’s population increase or decrease. We are super excited to continue and bring new ideas to the project.

Expected Results: We think education would be the number one attraction to people and the other two (money, size) support education. We expect education to have the biggest impact on the city. We are using NetLogo to program this project.


Team Members:

  Joshua Galovin
  Damian Loera
  Nicholas Grijalva

Sponsoring Teacher: Gloria Kindig

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